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  • Keep Calm, Stay Focused Following a Crash

    Jul 21, 2023

    A serious After calling 911 a driver should check on their passengers and any other motorists as long as they are physically able. Once police and paramedics have arrived, drivers should request that law enforcement file a report on the crash, and make sure to write down the names and badge numbers of all officers at the scene. If the car accident does not appear to require the presence of law enforcement, a drive...
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  • Legal Options for Victims of Workplace Accidents in New Jersey

    Jul 7, 2023

    undefined The workplace should be a safe haven, a location where you go to earn your living, and work towards professional growth. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, even in the safest of environments. When they do, it's crucial to understand your legal options. At the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr, we specialize in supporting victims of Types of Workplace Accidents Workplace accidents can happen in various forms, from slips and falls to machinery mishaps...
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  • Legal Recourse in New Jersey: What to Do If Your Loved One is a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

    Jun 30, 2023

    undefined When we entrust the care of our aging loved ones to nursing homes, we expect that they will be treated with the respect, dignity, and attention they deserve. Unfortunately, the reality can sometimes be far from our expectations, leaving families shocked and hurt by instances of Understanding Different Types of Nursing Home Abuse in NJ Nursing home abuse can manifest in various ways, and it is crucial to understand these to identify i...
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  • New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers | Electronic Logging Devices

    Jun 16, 2023

    New Jersey Trucking Accident Lawyers- Improving Safety With Electronic Logging Devices Actor Tracy Morgan was severely injured when the Mercedes limousine he was traveling in was struck by a semi-truck on Saturday, June 7th, on the New Jersey Turnpike. The accident killed Morgan’s friend, writer James McNair. Mr. Morgan was transferred from the hospital to a New Jersey rehabilitation facility on June 20th, where he will continue his recovery from his injuries. It is expecte...
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  • Settlement vs. Trial: What's the Best Option for Your New Jersey Dog Bite Case?

    May 26, 2023

    undefined When you've experienced a Understanding Dog Bite Laws in New Jersey Before diving into the intricacies of settlements and trials, it's important to establish a basic understanding of New Jersey's dog bite laws. According to New Jersey Statute 4:19-16, the owner of the dog is strictly liable for damages caused by their dog's bite, regardless of whether the dog has shown aggressive behavior in the past. This sets the stage for the victi...
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  • Can Flight Attendants Get Workers' Compensation for Turbulence Injuries?

    May 12, 2023

    Can Flight Attendants Get Workers’ Compensation for Turbulence Injuries?   Being a flight attendant comes with risks, and injuries from turbulence are one of those risks. Dealing with turbulence is part of the job of serving the best interests of passengers, but it is sometimes a dangerous one. From the moment that flight attendants board a plane to the moment their passengers exit, everything that flight attendants do is for the passengers. The safet...
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  • Understanding Third-Party Liability in New Jersey Construction Accidents: Navigating the Maze of Accountability

    Apr 28, 2023

    undefined Accidents are an unfortunate reality in the construction industry. Often, when mishaps occur, the immediate response is to blame the construction company or the worker involved. However, what many people don't realize is that there can be other players in the mix—third parties—who may also be liable for the accident. At the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr, we aim to bring clarity to the often-confusing layers of accountability in What Is Third-Part...
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  • New Jersey Supreme Court Reverses Personal Injury Verdict Against KFC

    Apr 14, 2023

    Finding that the trial judge had improperly instructed the jury regarding the burden of proof, the New Jersey Supreme Court threw out a verdict against a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in South Jersey and ordered a new trial. The plaintiff, a Delaware woman, said that she fell outside of the store’s bathrooms and experienced pain and numbness in her arms and legs, requiring medical treatment for approximately two months. Her lawyer contended that she fel...
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  • What is a Deposition? How Does It Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

    Mar 24, 2023

    If you have been hurt because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence, and you’ve filed a lawsuit to recover damages, chances are good your attorney will notify you that you must be deposed, i.e., have your deposition taken. What is the purpose of a deposition and how will it affect your right to recovery? What is a Deposition? In the American civil justice system, the stage where parties gather evidence is known as the “discovery...
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  • Teen Drivers 100 Deadliest Days of Summer | Car Accident Lawyers

    Mar 24, 2023

    Teen Drivers at Greatest Risk During 100 Deadliest Days of Summer AAA has a term for the timeframe between Memorial Day and Labor Day: 100 Deadliest Days. This period represents several weeks when all drivers, but especially teen drivers, are at greater risk of being fatally injured in a The best way to address this sober situation is with education, beginning with the top reasons for teen driver highway accidents. Commo...
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