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New Jersey Falls and and Fractures Injury Lawyers

Fall Injury Attorneys in Highland Park, NJ, Seek Compensation for Nursing Home Residents Suffering From Broken Bones in Mercer County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, and Throughout New Jersey

When your loved one’s stay in a nursing home involves unexplained broken bones and reports of falls that leave you with more questions than answers, you need knowledgeable New Jersey falls and fractures injury lawyers to get to the bottom of things.

Count on the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr to provide the skilled legal assistance and compassionate service your family needs to hold a nursing home accountable for serious injuries. We can investigate the events that led to your loved one’s injury and determine if neglect or abuse was part of the equation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Nursing Home Falls and Fractures in New Jersey

Accidents happen, but incidents in which the circumstances of the injury are unclear or a lack of supervision or assistance contributed to the fall should raise concerns.

The injuries supposedly resulting from a fall could actually be a consequence of physical abuse. It’s also possible that the injuries really are from falls, but that the reason your loved one has fallen is because nursing home staff are neglecting to provide the supervision and assistance required.

In either case, two important points are true:

  1. You need to find out the truth about these injuries to prevent your loved one from suffering further avoidable harm.
  2. Both physical abuse and neglect can give rise to civil claims for financial compensation for your family.

Fractures and other fall-related injuries occur in nursing homes all over New Jersey, and they can have terrible consequences, especially for residents who are already in poor health. In fact, according to the New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services, falls are the leading cause of death for New Jersey residents 65 and older.

You’re not overreacting to the news of your loved one’s fall injuries by considering a lawsuit. Hiring knowledgeable New Jersey falls and fractures injury lawyers is exactly the right step to take now.

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How Our New Jersey Falls and Fractures Injury Lawyers Can Help Families Affected by Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

It can be difficult for family members to get answers about concerns they have over fractures and fall injuries. Nursing home personnel may deny any wrongdoing, deflect the questions, or give family members the runaround trying to get any answers at all.

As a family member, you may not have the authority to push for a more in-depth investigation. Although suspicions of nursing home abuse and neglect can be reported to the state, family members often don’t know where to begin. Further, many families don’t understand their legal rights as they pertain to a loved one in a nursing home, such as whether, how, and under what conditions they can remove the resident from a situation they believe to be abusive or neglectful.

It helps to have professional assistance in moments like this. Our fall injury attorneys in Highland Park, NJ, investigate instances of suspected neglect and abuse in nursing homes. We file lawsuits on behalf of injured nursing home residents and their families to recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries, fall-related medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Where Can Our New Jersey Falls and Fractures Injury Lawyers Help You?

The Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr represent nursing home residents and their families all over New Jersey. We have experience serving clients in the following counties and beyond:

All told, these eleven counties are home to 237 nursing home facilities, approximately two-thirds of the 353 nursing homes in New Jersey. According to current data from the New Jersey Department of Health, a third of the nursing homes in this region have one-star and two-star ratings under the Federal Five-Star Quality Rating System, demonstrating plenty of room for improvement.

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Can You Sue a Nursing Home for a Fall in New Jersey?

Whether nursing homes are liable for falls depends on whether some sort of neglect, abuse, negligence, or other deviation from the standard of care owed to the resident occurred. In general, arguments for holding a nursing home facility and its personnel accountable for injuries sustained in a fall may include:

  • Abuse: A fall may be the story told to cover up physical abuse, such as hitting, pushing, kicking, or forcefully grabbing the resident. Determining whether injuries legitimately resulted from an accidental fall or whether abuse was involved will require a thorough investigation.
  • Neglect: Falls in nursing homes may occur when a patient who needs assistance walking isn’t being supervised or provided the support they need. Falls may also indicate other forms of neglect, such as medication errors (receiving too strong a dose of medication or not receiving the medication prescribed to them), dehydration, malnutrition, or neglect of the resident’s medical needs.
  • Negligence: Dangerous conditions in nursing homes can cause even residents without compromised mobility or vision to fall and sustain injuries.

Some medical conditions can make a nursing home resident more likely to fall and get hurt. However, this fact doesn’t excuse nursing homes from accountability. When the nursing home is aware of its residents’ medical conditions and their needs, its personnel have certain responsibilities to the patient. For example, if the resident is a known fall risk or has an established need for mobility assistance and the nursing home fails to address these concerns, allowing the resident to fall, it may constitute neglect.

It is possible for a nursing home resident who has no health concerns to fall even if no abuse, neglect, or negligence in maintaining the premises of the nursing home is present. However, because nursing home neglect and abuse are widespread problems, it’s always acceptable to consult knowledgeable New Jersey falls and fractures injury lawyers and ask them to review the facts of the situation.

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Your loved one’s safety depends on the quality of care and treatment they receive in the nursing home. If you have any reason to worry that abuse or neglect could have contributed to their fall or fracture injuries—and that they might still be at risk of further injuries—you shouldn’t waste any time. Conducting a thorough investigation requires the skills of experienced nursing home falls and fractures lawyers.

For help from our nursing home fall lawyers in Highland Park, NJ, contact the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr online or call 732-537-8570 today.

Nursing Home Falls and Fractures Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

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