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How can Construction Workers Stay Safe at Work?

Construction is an essential industry, but it presents unique hazards. There are 6.5 million people in the construction industry, and approximately half of these workers are injured every year. Most construction site accidents result in minor injuries, but some lead to lifetime chronic health problems, long-term disabilities, and fatalities.

Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) releases a list of commonly seen industrial accident causes. The list typically cites widespread problems, including improper use of scaffolding and ladders, poor communication between workers, ineffective or subpar personal protective equipment (PPE), and inadequate training.

To ensure the safety of all employees working in the construction field, important safety measures must be followed. Below are several useful tips aimed at helping construction workers avoid work accidents.

Wear Proper Respiratory Protection

Construction workers often do their jobs in environments with poor air quality.

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Fall Safety Tips for Motorists

The fall season often brings enjoyable weather and outdoor activities, however, it also presents unique challenges for drivers. The natural seasonal changes and weather conditions causes autumn to be more hazardous for drivers. This is because of the falling leaves combined with the wetter, frostier conditions. This, coupled with fewer daylight hours, makes car accidents more likely to happen. After an accident, the victim is encouraged to contact a lawyer to help recover losses through a personal injury claim.

Be Aware of Sunrise and Sunset Changes

Sun glare is very problematic during sunrise and sunset, especially as the daylight patterns are changing. Sunrise and sunset tends to fall around the rush hour times for commuters, which is when the roads are the most populated. A driver can prepare by keeping a set of sunglasses handy in their vehicle, removing clutter from sun visors, and keeping the windshield clean.

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Back to School Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the start of the school year approaching, there are many uncertainties surrounding the virus and the ability of school districts to prepare buildings and protocols to address the risks.

When the threat of COVID-19 became an inescapable reality in New Jersey, schools shut down early. All 1.4 million students in the state were forced to learn from home for the final three months of the school year. The results of that were difficult for most families and almost impossible for others. Now that the new school year is nearly here, and with no end in sight to the virus, districts throughout the state are scrambling to finalize 2020-2021 reopening plans as the guidelines continue to shift.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has made several announcements reassessing the research on the virus and addressing conflicting concerns of citizens, parents, students, teachers, school staff, and school administrators. In an attempt to create policies to guide New Jersey’s 2,500 public schools,

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