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What Are the Biggest Distractions for Drivers?

distracted driver

The most frequent cause of a car accident is human error. Far and away, humans are the number one cause of car accidents and resulting injuries. As a car accident injury victim, it is incredibly frustrating to know that your injuries did not have to occur.

Human error that causes car accidents most often happens because a driver is distracted or trying to multi-task. This can often result in more serious injuries because a distracted driver is a driver who is not paying attention and is not able to react in time. This can result in higher speed collisions that cause more pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, it may have been caused by a distracted driver. Knowing what to look out for can give you clues about whether the at-fault driver was distracted, resulting in your accident and injuries.

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How Do I Document Broken Ribs from a Car Accident?

broken ribs

Suffering an injury to your ribs is quite common in a car accident, and, unfortunately, is one of the most painful experiences you could endure. Broken, cracked, or bruised ribs can make it difficult to breathe or hinder your movement. However, even though rib injuries are common, they are difficult to fully diagnose without a thorough medical examination. They also lead to further complications and may require a lengthy recovery. If you have suffered a rib injury following a car accident, it is an absolute must to have the injury properly documented to have all damages covered.

How Does a Car Accident Injure Your Ribs?

The impact of a car accident alone is enough to cause an injury to the ribcage. Of course, a direct hit, especially for a pedestrian or motorcyclist, will break any bone, let alone the ribs. But there are parts inside the vehicle that can harm the ribs as well,

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Are Motorcycle Accidents More Likely in Wet Weather?

motorcycles in wet weather

There are challenges driving any kind of vehicle in the rain. Motorists in general do not love driving in the rain. However, for motorcycle riders, wet weather provides far more dangers than it does for the cars and trucks sharing the road.

Although it may create a jolt in a passenger car when the driver finds an unavoidable puddle on the road and realizes it disguises a pothole, that same puddle and pothole combination could cause a motorcyclist to lose control and go off the road or into another vehicle. Like a bicycle, a motorcycle is going to be impacted much more quickly by changes in road conditions, particularly when the road is wet.

Close to one-third of motorcycle accidents happen in wet weather. In the Northeast, that can mean ice, snow, or hail, in addition to rain, so this challenging condition happens all four seasons, regardless of how warm or cold it is outside.

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