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Foot Pain Linked to Falls

On behalf of Harold J. Gerr posted on .

New Brunswick Slip and Fall Lawyers Discuss Foot Pain Linked to FallsA study published in the Gerontology journal found that foot pain in seniors—particularly severe foot pain—directly correlates to an increased risk for recurrent falls. Foot posture is also linked to an increase in the number of falls adults experience as they age. Falls are the leading cause of hospitalization for seniors. Knowing one of the common reasons older adults fall can help prevent some of the painful injuries and hospital visits caused by slip and fall accidents.

 Foot Pain and Falls

After studying current data on seniors, falls, and hospital visits, researchers from the Hebrew Senior Life’s Institute for Aging Research found a correlation between severe foot pain and recurrent falls. The study included more than 1,300 participants with an average age of 69. Study participants with notable foot pain were 62% more likely to experience multiples falls every year compared to participants with little or no foot pain.

Foot Posture and Falls

The study also made an unexpected connection between foot posture and recurrent falls for seniors. Older adults with planus foot posture were 78% more likely to…

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Skin Conditions and Workers’ Compensation

On behalf of Harold J. Gerr posted on .

New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Advocate for Workers Suffering from Work-Related Skin ConditionsOccupational skin diseases are among the most commonly reported occupational diseases. If it can be proven that a skin condition developed as a result of a person’s job, then it may be covered by Workers’ Compensation. Many skin conditions or diseases fall under the definition of an occupational illness and afflicted workers can receive benefits to aid in their recovery.


Constant exposure to wet conditions or irritants can lead to contact dermatitis. Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that often presents as redness, irritation and sometimes blisters on the affected area. Severe dermatitis can result in swollen, broken skin that gets infected and ulcerated.

Workers at risk for developing dermatitis include hairdressers, laboratory workers, those in the food industry, health care and dental workers, cleaners, agricultural workers, and workers in the construction, motor vehicle repair, printing, and painting industries.

Dermatitis can be provoked by exposure to chemical irritants such as hair dyes, epoxy resins, and preservatives. Sometimes a worker can go many years without any reaction to a chemical, but then develop an allergy and the resulting…

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Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

On behalf of Harold J. Gerr posted on .

New Brunswick Car Accident Lawyers offer detailed safety tips for Thanksgiving travel to keep your loved ones safe. This week, families and friends will come together nationwide to join in Thanksgiving festivities. The holiday weekend is one of the busiest travel times of the year with tens of millions of people driving to their destinations. If you will be on the road this year to get to a Thanksgiving celebration with friends or loved ones, keep these tips in mind to ensure you arrive safely.

Check your Vehicle

Before undertaking any kind of road trip, inspect your car thoroughly so that you do not encounter any surprises once you are underway. Use the following checklist so that you can be confident your vehicle is in good shape:

  • Windshield wipers – make sure wiper blades are intact and clearing effectively – if not, replace them. Check wiper fluid level.
  • Brakes – check for wear on brakes pads and replace if necessary. Check brake fluid level.
  • Battery – test for charge level and clean connections.
  • Tires – check treads and tire pressure and change to winter tires if you use seasonal tires.
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Dangerous Guardrails  

On behalf of Harold J. Gerr posted on .

New Brunswick Car Accident Lawyer weighs in on dangerous guardrails. As Tennessee prepares to spend millions of dollars removing and replacing over 1,500 hazardous guardrail ends, other states may soon follow suit. Numerous traffic fatalities in several states including Tennessee, Missouri, and Virginia are attributed to X-LITE model guardrail ends. In these accidents, the guardrail ends impaled crash victims traveling on highways with speed limits of 70 mph.

Representatives of the X-LITE manufacturer claim that the guardrail ends perform exactly as designed upon impact. Opponents of the use of the X-LITE on high-speed highways say that not only do they fail to absorb the impact in serious car accidents, but they can also potentially impale the driver.


 The majority of guardrails are made up of several pieces designed to absorb the impact of a high-speed crash by “telescoping” upon themselves. By collapsing inward, the metal end of the guardrail is prevented from piercing the vehicle involved in the crash. Guardrails are designed to function this way at speeds of 62.2 mph or greater.

Problems with the X-LITE

In Tennessee, the X-LITE guardrail failed to perform consistently when tested at the…

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Technology Improves Worker Safety and Productivity

On behalf of Harold J. Gerr posted on .

New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation Lawyers explain how technology is improving worker safety and productivity. Called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the introduction of robotics and other data-driven technology in the workplace is changing how humans approach their jobs. Robots and other automated technology can be used to take over dangerous job tasks from humans, to enhance their skills, and to provide data that helps workers do their jobs more safely and efficiently.

Robots and Factory Work

Factory work is often inherently dangerous. People that work with heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, and repetitive tasks are at greater risk for injury than workers in other industries. Some robots are already in use and performing these tasks, not only ensuring product quality, but more importantly – improving worker safety.

Super-Strength Operators

The next generation of workplace technology physically augments human workers, allowing them to perform their jobs in ways beyond what has ever been done before. Wearing robotic “exoskeleton” suits, human workers are able to wield impressive robotic power. Rather than using tools or machinery that offer little adaptability or power, such as a forklift, they are able to incorporate refined and exact human motions with…

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Packed School Bus Involved in Chain Reaction Crash in East Orange

On behalf of Harold J. Gerr posted on .

Packed School Bus Involved in Chain Reaction Crash in East OrangeA chain reaction crash in East Orange, New Jersey, on Wednesday afternoon, caused a packed school bus to smack into a guardrail. On Interstate 280, the multi-vehicle accident, involving three other vehicles, occurred before 4 pm. Several victims incurred minor personal injuries, and six students who occupied the school bus were brought to a local hospital for treatment.

When a school bus engages in an accident with another vehicle, the results could be dire. Due to the lack of safety features in a bus, occupants may be at-risk for developing personal injuries or fatalities in a crash. Although buses are used frequently for travel or commuting, their top-heavy construction could cause the bus to rollover and cause severe physical trauma for any parties involved.

If you or your loved ones have been injured in a bus accident, you may be eligible for compensation of your injuries. Call our New Jersey bus accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr at 732-249-4600 or Continue Reading Packed School Bus Involved in Chain Reaction Crash in East Orange ...

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Manhattan Truck Crash Leads to Eight Fatalities and Several Injuries

On behalf of Harold J. Gerr posted on .

Manhattan Truck Crash Leads to Eight Fatalities and Several InjuriesIn New York, a truck crash led to eight fatalities and numerous injuries on Tuesday afternoon. The driver of a rental truck drove on the bicycle path on the West Side Highway in Lower Manhattan for several blocks, hitting pedestrians and bicyclists along the way. After the truck driver exited his vehicle, it was discovered he was armed, and the police used deadly force to quell any further action. Six victims succumbed to their fatal injuries at the scene of the accident while two others passed away at an area hospital, and eleven individuals sustained serious injuries. Police surmised that this was an act of terrorism, and the perpetrator, who is being treated at a local hospital, is under their custody.

Although the truck crash that occurred in Manhattan was deemed a terroristic act, pedestrian and bicycle accidents commonly take place on any busy street. In some cases, when a pedestrian or…

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Sidewalk Injuries

On behalf of Harold J. Gerr posted on .

Passaic Slip and Fall Lawyers Discuss Sidewalk InjuriesPedestrians use sidewalks every day without thinking about the risks involved.  Most sidewalks are made of concrete and any kind of accident that occurs can result in injuries to the head, neck, face, or hands. If you slip and land on your head, you can suffer a concussion, which is just one form of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Sprains and strains are common after a slip and fall accident and can range from minor injuries to those that are severe and painful from the moment they occur. Even minor sidewalk injuries can turn into chronic pain conditions.

Common Causes of Sidewalk Injuries

There are many different causes of sidewalk injuries. A small crack can be enough to cause a slip and fall accident if it leaves the surface uneven. Large cracks and potholes can develop from tree roots and degrading materials. Any debris, whether natural, like leaves and branches; or personal, such as toys or lawn tools, can trip a pedestrian using the sidewalk. Snow, ice, rain and other weather- related conditions can also be a factor.

Liability in a Sidewalk…

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Mistakes to Avoid After a Slip and Fall

On behalf of Harold J. Gerr posted on .

New Brunswick Slip and Fall Lawyers: Mistakes to Avoid After a Slip and FallA slip and fall accident can be embarrassing. It can also result in extensive injuries that affect your independence, lifestyle, and income if you are unable to work. Whether you fall at a residence or business, here are some mistakes to avoid after your slip and fall.

Do not fail to report it. Put your embarrassment aside and report your slip and fall rather than leaving the premises. Report the incident to the correct person, such as a manager or storeowner, and make sure to ask the manager for a copy of the incident report.

Do not be afraid to ask for a witness’s help. Don’t be ashamed to ask witnesses for their contact information in case they need to make a statement to prove your injury claim.

Do not fail to gather evidence. If you can, take pictures of the hazard that caused you to fall, such as a wet and slippery floor, ice, snow, loose carpet, or items on the ground. Be sure to take both close-up and far away photos to help prove…

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Car Accidents Spike With Opioid Use

On behalf of Harold J. Gerr posted on .

New Brunswick Car Accident Lawyers: Car Accidents Spike With Opioid UseThe misuse and addiction of prescription drugs has been dubbed one of the largest public health crises to date, and is ongoing and rampant in America. Much talk is centered on fatal opioid overdoses; however, it was recently discovered that overdoses are not the only cause of fatality for users. Columbia University conducted a study that linked the increasing number of fatal car accidents to opioid usage.

Not surprisingly, research shows that 100 million people took some type of prescription drug in 2015. Oftentimes, narcotic medicine is prescribed to pain patients to correct a symptom, but it does not treat the underlying cause. By the time the underlying cause is identified, the pain turns from acute to chronic, requiring long-term drug use and ongoing care. Sadly, many of these patients unknowingly become addicts.

Opiate Addiction Starts Quickly

People can become addicted to narcotics after merely three days of use, which is why the prescription drug crisis is considered an epidemic. It is essential that pain patients seek medical attention immediately. Being treated quickly increases the likelihood of being cured without…

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