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John Bensulock took on my automobile accident and this process had been very frustrating prior to Bensulock coming in to take over. I am so glad I met John and his staff. So professional and made me feel at ease right away. Very nice individuals in the office. They took care of everything and I was able to resolve my auto accident case. I highly recommend John and his group they are true professionals and they care.

John Bensulock did some work for myself and my wife and my in laws and he did a great job. His staff was excellent as well. Highly recommend John and his office. 


The law offices of Harold gear has made an absolute difference in my professional life. On top of all things, you will definitely get what you deserve if you were injured. oOe of the best in the field. Thank you Gr. Gear and affiliates.


Great Team


I had more than one case with Mr HAROLD GERR the only comment in my mind is “100% success”


Great attorney, his partner Dipa Patel is great.


Excellent law firm. Mr. Gerr is extremely knowledgeable and personable. He has a genuine interest in his clients. His staff is great also.


Mr. Gerr helped me a great deal following a head injury I incurred. He was knowledgeable, competent, kind and reassuring. I highly recommend him.


The Law Offices of Harold J.Gerr is the best helper. The lawyer Harold J.Gerr help my accident case get successfully whole I never been the law office. The paralegal Irene Zhuang and Jia Zhang are very kind. Thank you so much for helping me.


My mom’s case was taken up by this law office after her accident. It was a long time coming, but we ended up getting a lot more settlement than we ever thought. Thank you so much.


He’s a Rare Find: HONEST, GOOD, Not a Money-Grabber. Harold Gerr is not only a top-notch atty but the one who rescued my case from the hands of a nightmare atty who had lied to me for years & done nothing. Harold answered my initial phone call on a holiday when few other lawyers were even around. He then proceeded to do everything my previous lawyer had not: he took action immediately, and actually rescued my case which had been dismissed for being filed too late by the previous atty. Harold was not only able to successfully get my case reinstated but, unlike the previous atty, Harold followed up each action with a mailed confirmation. Finally, an atty who told the TRUTH and CONFIRMED it in writing!! Finally a REALLY GOOD ATTY, and one who restored my faith in the profession! (It is in fact a profession that is supposed to help people when they’re going thru deep trials and as such, an atty has the power to do great good or harm.) Harold furthermore persevered and was finally able to break thru many hindrances to obtaining the evidence necessary. He was brilliant to watch in action during his interrogations with the defense, like a stealthy shark setting up for the attack. I was also impressed that he quickly commanded the respect of other attys present because of his superior experience and demeanor. In conclusion: Harold is honest, even blunt many times. He won’t schmooze you. He’ll tell u in the beginning whether or not he can handle your case. If he says he can, then know u have a RARE GEM OF AN ATTY, one who is head and shoulders above all the other attys I’ve used. You have chosen- and been chosen 🙂 – by the finest. Have a blessed day!


My expectations were completely exceeded and I would recommend Harold Gerr to anyone who needs to hire a lawyer. I can not say enough positive things about my experience with Mr. Gerr and his staff. The herculean effort they put into my case was extraordinary. His hard work grew my settlement from twenty thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars when all was said and done. His staff never failed to keep me in the loop through correspondence, so I always felt confident where we were headed during the process. Not only did he work tirelessly for me, but him and his staff cared a great deal and showed it through their warmth and sincerity in every meeting and phone call.


Harold and the whole office were very kind and helpful! They helped me so much with my case every step of the way!!! Thank you guys!!!


The lawyer is very good, and his team is also very good 5 points.