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Types of Car Accident Bone Fractures. | Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr

Types of Car Accident Bone Fractures

A fracture is a crack or break in a bone. Bone fractures are common in car accidents because the impact of a collision exerts considerable force on the bones and other structures in the human body. The force of a motor vehicle crash is the equivalent of more than two tons of pressure on a person weighing 175 pounds and traveling at 25 miles per hour, even if they are wearing a seatbelt. If bones cannot withstand this force, they fracture.

How Are Bone Fractures Classified?

Bone fractures vary in type and severity. More severe injuries may necessitate surgery and extensive rehabilitation to regain strength, function, and mobility. Here are the several types of bones fractures that commonly occur from car accidents:

  • Stable Fracture: There is minimal damage, and the broken ends of the bone remain in place.

  • Open (Compound) Fracture: The broken bone pierces the skin and may be visible in the open wound.

  • Oblique Fracture: An oblique break is more jagged and less linear, common when the bone is hit from an angle.

  • Transverse Fracture: The fracture runs perpendicular to the bone, can be open, closed, or oblique.

  • Comminuted Fracture: The bone shatters into at least two pieces, often requiring extensive surgery and a lengthy recovery period.

Where in the Body Do Bone Fractures Commonly Occur During Car Accidents?

Based on the position of vehicle occupants, bone fractures in certain areas of the body are more common than others:

  • Face: Facial fractures often occurs from airbag deployment or impact with the steering wheel or dashboard.

  • Clavicle: The clavicle is located across the rib cage and considered the most fragile bone in the body making it highly susceptible to breaks.

  • Sternum: This is the breastbone that protect the heart and lungs, which can fracture when the body is forced forward against the seatbelt.

  • Pelvis: A broken pelvis can be immobilizing and increase the risk of internal bleeding and organ damage.

  • Vertebrae: Spinal vertebrae of the back and neck are vulnerable to fractures, particularly in head-on and rear collision.

  • Skull: Skull or cranial fractures from trauma to the head may be indicative of serious brain damage within.

  • Upper and lower leg: The bones of the upper leg (femur) and lower leg (fibula) are quite strong, but still vulnerable to breaks when the force of a crash crushes the legs which are not secured by seatbelts.

  • Upper arm and forearm: The bones of the upper arm (humerus) and forearm (ulna or radius) are also prone to fractures in a vehicle accident because they are not restrained, and it is natural to use the arms to try to brace oneself for impact in a crash.

Signs of a bone fracture include significant pain, visible deformity (limb appears out of place), tingling/numbness, and difficulty moving the injured limb. Seek medical help as soon as possible if you have these or other symptoms after a crash.

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