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Slip & Fall Accidents Amusement Parks | Passaic Personal Injury Lawyers

Slip and Fall Accidents Common at Amusement Parks

Most people think about having an amazing time when they head to New Jersey’s amusement parks, not getting hurt. Nevertheless, individuals of any age can be injured while trying to have a fun day with friends and family. Slipping and falling are two of the biggest hazards amusement park visitors face due to a wide variety of factors and conditions.

Why People Slip and Fall at Amusement Parks

Amusement parks, especially if they are or contain water parks and water rides, can be fraught with slip and fall risks. From slippery staircases to wet pool decks, surfaces may easily become tough to navigate. Even guests who exercise caution or walk slowly can take tumbles.

For this reason, amusement park operators and owners are expected to clean up any possibly dangerous areas. They should also maintain rides and equipment, making necessary repairs and replacements as soon as possible. Otherwise, they can be held liable when someone is injured.

Frequently Reported Slip and Fall Injuries

Slipping and falling at an amusement park is more than just embarrassing. It can easily lead to expensive medical treatment and potentially long-term problems.

Soft tissue sprains and strains are among some of the most prominent types of slip and fall injuries. For instance, someone might hyperextend a hip muscle or tendon around the knee. Depending upon severity of the injury, the victim could require months of medical attention and physical therapy.

Broken bones are also likely after a fall. Even falling from a modest height can exhibit enough force to break an arm, wrist, ankle, or other body part. Recovering from this type of injury can take a long time, interfering with school, recreation, and work.

Some people who slip and fall experience back injuries, including problems with the spine itself. These can be among the most serious types of injuries because they may lead to lifelong pain and disability. If the head hits the ground during the slip or fall, a traumatic brain injury could also have life-altering implications.

Even minor scrapes, bruises, and cuts can make a trip to the amusement park less than thrilling. Not only can an open wound become infected, but it can lead to permanent scarring.

What to Do After an Amusement Park Injury

Visitors who slip or fall at an amusement park should get medical attention at the park, as well as report the incident immediately. If feasible, they should gather information from witnesses and try to get pictures of the scene. They should also follow up with their own personal physician. Keeping detailed records will be critical if it becomes necessary to file a claim or lawsuit.

All amusement parks are required to purchase liability insurance. Yet it can be difficult to get insurance carriers to pay for injuries. An insurance provider may suggest that the victim was at fault, even when evidence contradicts that statement. For this reason and more, injury victims are advised to contact an experienced slip and fall attorney to consider their options.

Passaic Slip and Fall Lawyers at the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr Assist Victims of Amusement Park Accidents

No trip to the amusement park should end in disaster. However, if you were hurt at a New Jersey amusement park, you may be able to recover damages for your medical treatment and lost wages. Contact the knowledgeable Passaic slip and fall lawyers at the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr by calling 732-537-8570 or 877-249-4600. You can also arrange an initial consultation by filling out an online contact form.

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