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Salmonella Occurrences | New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers: Salmonella Occurrences – When to Hire an Attorney

Salmonella occurrences in this country are on the rise. Lawsuits are filed to hold food manufacturers and food distributors accountable, and to send a message to all those involved in food production in this nation, so that food safety comes first before profit.

Food manufacturers are generally not willing to share company information or health department information about their internal food safety procedures, or any salmonella outbreak cases. A lawsuit forces the company in question to share relevant information. It is appropriate to speak to an attorney as soon as you know your loved one has been poisoned and that significant, serious harm has been caused.

Product Liability

Food manufacturers, distributors, and restaurants carry liability insurance to cover any liability that may result from an outbreak of food poisoning. Those who develop serious symptoms of salmonella, including sepsis, reactive arthritis, salmonella meningitis, or salmonella colitis, can suffer significant complications and remain in the hospital for months as they recuperate. Additionally, sepsis can result in wrongful death.

It is appropriate to seek compensation to cover the costs of all medical treatment and other damages, including pain and suffering, related to the food poisoning that tore apart an innocent person and their family’s lives.

Most recently, in early October, there was a salmonella outbreak that was tracked back to raw chicken from California. It is a particular salmonella strain that is resistant to many types of antibiotics, and 42% of those who ate the contaminated food were hospitalized, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Typically, 20 percent of salmonella outbreak victims are hospitalized, so this particular salmonella problem is far more severe than normal. Of the 42 percent hospitalized, 13 percent have salmonella septicemia, which is a life-threatening inflammation of the whole body.

As of early October, 278 people in 18 states were stricken with the food-borne illness. It appears that it may be linked to chicken that was produced by three Foster Farms plants, which are based in California. Because the outbreak happened during the government shutdown, tracing the threat was hampered. This is the second outbreak linked to Foster Farms chicken.

Foster Farms Food Safety Chief, Robert O’Connor, says, “Salmonella is naturally occurring in poultry and can be fully eradicated if raw product is properly handled and fully cooked.”

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