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What is a Work-Related Overexertion Injury?

Overexertion injuries can be very dangerous, and it is important to know the risks and what to do if they happen. Overexertion is pushing the body beyond its limits. It could be staying up all night working long shifts or carrying too much weight. Overexertion is common in the workplace and can lead to exhaustion and physical workplace injuries, like muscle tears and more.

Workplace injuries can be minor, serious, or even debilitating. Some injuries may even start out as something seemingly small, like a muscle strain or a headache, and develop into something much more severe. Workplace injuries account for a significant number of injuries and court cases in the United States each year. Sometimes, employees feel compelled to hide these injuries or to continue working because they fear repercussions from their employer. It is important to remember that health is important and anything that threatens one’s well-being should not be ignored.

Different Types of Overexertion Work Injuries

An overexertion injury can be short-term or long-term. Short-term injuries include:

  • Pulled muscles

  • Sprains to joints, like wrists and ankles

  • Excess fatigue and exhaustion

  • Bumps, bruises, cuts, and scrapes resulting from falls

Long-term injuries include permanent muscle damage, broken bones, torn muscles, and disabilities.

To avoid overexertion injuries, employees need to know their limits and not try to push beyond them. Both the employee and employer need to keep reasonable expectations for work. This will go a long way in preventing injuries.

How can I Prevent an Overexertion Work Injury?

It is important to know what steps an employee should take to prevent a work injury. Some good rules to follow for workplace safety include the following:

  • Follow safety guidelines. Most employers will have some kind of safety procedures in place. Safety procedures help employees understand how to avoid injuries.

  • Understand limitations and risks. Employees need to keep in mind the limitations of what they can do, and always remember the risks of overexertion.

  • Pay attention to hazards. Environmental hazards in the workplace can include dangerous chemicals.

  • Be aware of the signs and symptoms of an injury. Early detection is often the key to successful treatment of injuries and illnesses. By recognizing the early warning signs of fatigue or stress on both the body and mind, employees can prevent injuries from developing or getting worse.

What Should I Do if I Have a Work Injury?

After being injured at work, it is important to take the right steps. The following tips are good to follow for any sort of workplace injury:

  • Notify the employer as soon as possible. Most places of business will have a form to fill out in case of an accident. For some injuries that result from more prolonged issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, an incident report might not be requested. However, in any case of injury resulting from work, it is necessary to not only have it reported, but also have it documented at the worksite.

  • Seek medical attention. If the business has an on-site employee health nurse, that is a good first step. Otherwise, an appointment with a doctor is best as soon as possible after the discovery of the injury. In an emergency situation, calling 9-1-1 should be the first step.

  • Document what happened. For a successful Workers’ Compensation case, the employee must be able to provide detailed information about what happened. Writing down this information as soon as possible can save a lot of time in the long run.

  • Document any issues resulting from the injury. In addition to documentation of what led to the injury, it is also crucial to document the injury itself along with any symptoms.

When Should I Contact a Lawyer?

Health and safety are not issues to be taken lightly. If an employee is injured in a work accident, it is imperative to get medical attention. If an employee needs help with a Workers’ Compensation claim, they should seek legal assistance. A lawyer will ensure their client receives the maximum amount of compensation.

Highland Park Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr Help Employees with Serious Overexertion Injuries

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