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MRSA – The Threat of Increased Injury

The medical community has seen an increased risk of injury and death from drug-resistant necrotizing fasciitis in recent years, also commonly referred to as “flesh-eating bacteria.” While different kinds of bacteria can result in necrotizing fasciitis, Group A Streptococcus is the most common cause. The prevalence of this kind of bacteria in cases involving necrotizing fasciitis has resulted in an official name for the syndrome, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or simply “MRSA.” When flesh-eating bacteria are left undiagnosed or treated improperly, it destroys soft tissue, leading to amputations, serious medical complications or even death. Consequently, the more time that is lost in either diagnosing or treating MRSA, the greater the risk for serious medical complications and injury.

Flesh – Eating Bacteria Symptoms Include:

  • A wound, cut or surgical procedure that exposes skin to bacterial infection

  • Excessive redness, tenderness, pain and swelling around the wound in question

  • The use of antibiotics is ineffective in reducing swelling, tenderness and pain

  • The onset of fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

  • Blisters may develop and the effected area may take on a purplish color

Medical Response to Flesh-Eating Bacteria (MRSA)

When caught in its early stages, doctors should administer certain powerful antibiotics to stop the development and spread of necrotizing fasciitis. These antibiotics must be administered intravenously while drugs that increase anti-globulins and blood pressure are given at the same time to speed the delivery of the antibiotic agents throughout the body. If the flesh-eating bacteria are anaerobic, feeding off a lack of oxygen, the patient should be moved to an iron lung or oxygen chamber. When these steps are not taken immediately, surgery is required to remove necrotized flesh; in some cases, when the bacteria has spread and threatens to move into vital organs and throughout the body, amputation is necessary.

Potential MRSA Medical Complications and Injuries

When doctors fail to conduct proper tests to diagnose the presence of MRSA or other flesh-eating bacteria, the consequences can be significant. In many cases, however, hospitals and doctors claim they can’t be held liable for MRSA infections since every precaution is undertaken to provide a clean, sterile environment. While in some cases this may be true, doctors and hospitals may still be liable if they failed to properly diagnose necrotizing fasciitis. In other cases, a lack of proper hygiene may be to blame for a MRSA infection.

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