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Firework Safety

Most Independence Day celebrations across the country involve fireworks. From elaborate public presentations to sparklers enjoyed at home barbecues, fireworks add excitement, but can also be very dangerous when mishandled and used incorrectly. Fireworks cause more than 15,000 fires yearly in the United States. Injuries from fires can be devastating and are preventable.

For workers who sell, store, and operate fireworks and any devices used to launch or detonate explosive materials, the risk of injury comes with the job. Employers should take precautions to train, protect, and prevent workers from becoming severely injured in a work-related fireworks or pyrotechnics accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers safety guidelines for protecting those who work with or sell fireworks and/or pyrotechnics.

Tips for protecting workers who operate fireworks:

  • Ensure all employees are properly trained and competent in the operation of fireworks.

  • Obtain all required inspections, licenses, and permits before operating fireworks.

  • Maintain adequate site security and communication.

  • All workers should wear proper safety clothing and gear.

  • Prohibit all potential sources of accidental ignition.

  • Properly install drums, racks, and mortar boxes.

  • Keep fireworks cartons closed.

  • Keep fireworks dry and stored in good condition.

  • Always handle fireworks with caution.

  • Stay away from loaded mortars.

Tips for protecting workers who sell fireworks:

  • Ensure all workers know exit routes and alarm procedures; exits should be clear and readily accessible.

  • Make sure fireworks are always in clear view and damaged fireworks are disposed.

  • Employees should know where fire extinguishers are located and how to operate them.

  • Loose pyrotechnic powder should be removed quickly.

  • Only non-sparking tools should be used near fireworks. Smoking should be prohibited within 50 feet of fireworks.

In this country, workers have the right to a safe workplace. OSHA protects employees who question their employer about safe working conditions or report unsafe practices from retaliation. Our New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation lawyers work with employees who feel unsafe on the job and wish to file a complaint with OSHA.

New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr Protect Employees Harmed by Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

Certain professions are inherently more dangerous than others. Firework retailers and operators are exposed to the risk of injury from explosion and fire. However, there are safety precautions employers can take to protect workers. Employers should provide proper training, safety equipment, and procedures to ensure every worker is safe on the job. When employers disregard OSHA safety guidelines, workers can get severely injured. When fireworks and pyrotechnics are involved, those injuries can be catastrophic.

New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation lawyers at the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr advocate for injured workers and hold negligent employers accountable. Injured workers who delay their complaint or do not practice proper procedures risk losing valuable benefits they deserve. To discuss your situation, call 732-537-8570 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We are conveniently located in Highland Park, New Jersey to serve clients throughout the state.

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