Can Flight Attendants Get Workers’ Compensation for Turbulence Injuries?

Highland Park Workers' Compensation Lawyers at the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr Represent Flight Attendants Who Have Suffered Work-Related Injuries.

Being a flight attendant comes with risks, and injuries from turbulence are one of those risks. Dealing with turbulence is part of the job of serving the best interests of passengers, but it is sometimes a dangerous one.

From the moment that flight attendants board a plane to the moment their passengers exit, everything that flight attendants do is for the passengers. The safety and comfortability of passengers are essential for flight attendants to feel like they did a good job, but making passengers their number one priority makes them even more vulnerable to injuries.

Any person that boards a plane can suffer an injury. Planes ride at altitudes over 3,000 feet while riding at speeds over 500 miles per hour, and they do this through all types of weather. The result is often turbulence.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the injury rate for flight attendants are amongst the highest rates of any occupation. Flight attendants face a plethora of possible work injuries. That is why it is imperative if you are a flight attendant that you recognize the risks that you take and what to do in case you are injured as a result.

As long as you have a job-related injury or illness, you are eligible to collect Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ Compensation covers medical expenses incurred as a result of injury or illness. These include doctor visits, prescriptions, tests, treatments, surgery, and rehabilitative services. A portion of lost wages are recoverable but at a percentage of your salary. Workers’ Compensation also covers permanent disabilities. Death benefits are covered as well.

What Causes Injuries to Flight Attendants?

Turbulence is a major cause of injury to flight attendants, who are not always seated and strapped in when turbulence hits. Turbulence can cause a flight attendant to fall, from which there could be an injury to the head, get hit by a falling or flying object, or suffer a back injury.

Other risks that flight attendants take are injuries to the back or spine because of the lifting or handling of passenger luggage, neck or shoulder injuries from rough landings, slip and fall injuries on the plane or inside the airport, and injuries from having to push food carts that weigh up to 300 pounds.

Highland Park Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at the Law Offices of Harold J. Gerr Represent Flight Attendants Who Have Suffered Work-Related Injuries

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