New Jersey Bicycle Accidents

The president of Central Jersey Bicycle Club purports that New Jersey lacks several laws that exist in other states that could improve safety for bicyclists here. The issue has some urgency, as New Jersey placed fifth-highest among all 50 states in the latest statistics available for cyclist fatalities.

Safety Issues for Bicyclists

Things that the state could do to help prevent bicycle accidents includes:

  • Signage – in the same way signage alerts drivers to pedestrian traffic, signs reminding drivers to share the road with bicycles would be helpful. Legally, bikes are treated like cars and other motor vehicles, in that they must obey the same traffic laws. It follows that drivers should pay the same attention to bikes as they do motor vehicle traffic.
  • Clearance – this is the term for a dedicated space for cyclists to ride, and New Jersey has no law that requires cars to give bicyclists clearance. In other states this can mean three to four feet – enough for a biker to feel comfortable and removed from car traffic. Without clearance bikes are forced off to the right side of the road, which can contain debris and other hazards that can cause physical damage and accidents.
  • Grates – not all grates are the same, and some are very dangerous for cyclists. Grates positioned on the right side of the road can be in the bike lane where bike wheels can get caught and throw a rider.

The Central Jersey Bicycle Club also suggests that New Jersey incorporate more bike safety into high school driver education courses. This would introduce the issue of driver awareness of bicyclists at a young age.

Safety Tips for Bicyclists

As warmer weather finally arrives and people get their bicycles out of the garage, it is a good idea to review some important bike safety tips from the Central Jersey Bicycle Club:

  • Always wear a helmet – this goes especially for adults and teens, who not only need the protection, but should also set a good example for younger children. Consider that most cyclists are travelling around 10 miles per hour, which is fast enough to cause serious head injuries if you fall without a helmet.
  • Drive Your Bike as You Would Your Car – in short, obey the rules of the road. Drive with traffic, not against it. Signal when you want to turn. Use head lights and tail lights if you are biking at night. Drive in a lane instead of weaving in and out of traffic.
  • Maintain Your Equipment – this includes making sure your bike fits properly. Have it checked at a good bike shop for fit, and have them check out your brakes and tires too, in order to reduce the risk of accidents from faulty equipment.

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