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When Should You Prepare Your Car for Winter?


Winter is almost here, and families across the area are gearing up for another season of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 75,000 injuries occur every year because of unsafe winter driving, as well as around 900 fatalities. Therefore, preparing your car for winter travel is critical. For many drivers, the best time to winterize their cars is before winter officially begins.

Winterizing your car consists of many steps, as there are many challenges that you will likely face. Here are some tips on how to prepare your car for the winter season.

Get Your Car Serviced

Having your car serviced before winter does not mean just getting an oil change. Make sure you get a full look-over of your car, including a brake and tire check, a battery check, and having your fluids topped off.

A car battery loses power as the temperature gets cooler, so be sure to check it and have it replaced if necessary. Have your cooling system checked to make sure it has the right ratio of antifreeze and water. Make sure there are no leaks, and all your belts, hoses, and cables are in good condition, as the cold conditions can make them crack and fray.

Install Winter Tires

Many vehicles are equipped with all-season tires, which are suitable for the winter. However, all-season tires do not perform as well as winter tires when traversing over sleet, snow, and ice. If you live in an area that experiences low temperatures and harsh winter conditions, winter tires may be better.

Check Tire Pressure

Maintaining your tire pressure is extremely important in order to be able to control your car in winter conditions. Regularly check your tire pressure (most cars will do it for you) and fill them up when necessary.

Keep in mind that every 10-degree change in temperature could change a tire’s PSI by 1. The correct tire pressure for your vehicle is listed inside the driver side front door jam or in your manual.

Replace Wipers

Before winter officially begins is always a good time to have your wipers replaced and wiper fluid topped off. Not only are you going to encounter snow and ice, but salt and ice melt can stick to your windshield, inhibiting your visibility. Winter wipers are designed to keep ice off of the blades, which could ruin a normal set of wipers. Additionally, make sure your washer fluid tank is full before going on a long trip.

Have a Winter Safety Kit

Every car needs to have a winter safety kit packed in the truck for emergencies. Your winter kit should have the following:


  • Blankets.

  • Non-perishable food.

  • Drinking water.

  • Emergency flares.

  • First aid kit.

  • Ice scraper.

  • Flashlight with batteries.

  • Bag of sand.

  • Shovel.

  • Car tool kit.

  • Extra coolant.


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